A Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime (711 plays)


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Nicki Minaj — Anaconda

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What is Emotional Abuse?


Characteristics of an emotionally abusive relationship include:

• Using money as a means of control
• Threatening to walk out or abandon you
• Creating fear through looks, words, threats and actions
• Destroying things (and often things you value) – either in a cold and heatless way, or in an…

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tinashe x nicki minaj – moment 4 on (7,110 plays)


the ultimate emotional thot anthem

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"You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free."

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brandy – the boy is mine (nguzunguzu harp edit) (15,669 plays)

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Brandy & Monica – The Boy is Mine (7,263 plays)


Brandy & Monica - The Boy is Mine

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Jennifer Lopez – I Luh Ya Papi feat. French Montana (28,799 plays)